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How we started and what we are doing? 


When the typhoon, Haiyan, hit the Philippines, Armand and Bing Serrano (who are based in the US) were burdened to help their country. In their desire to do something, an out of the box vision was born . They started the very first Icon Manila event in 2014, with the support of a few friends. 

The profit from the event were used to support humanitarian aid to different missions in the Philippines which include medical missions, educational grants and partnerships with local schools in needy areas in the country.

The first year's profit of Icon Manila was used to help rebuild homes in New Washington in Aklan. This small town by the coast was hit by the typhoon, Haiyan, but the people living there did not receive any help from the government. With the help of a local church, Icon Manila's team was able to locate families whose houses were destroyed by the typhoon. A year after the typhoon hit, these houses were still in ruins. Families were living in one corner of the house without roof. One family was living under a roof that was displaced. It was a horrible sight to witness. Through the profit of Icon Manila on its first year and some help from other donors, we were able to build 5 homes and more homes on the second year. The rest of the years profits were used to fund medical missions, free teachers conferences and trainings. We also provided food for feeding centers in Tondo and Bulacan, educational materials and iPads for a school that caters to the very poor children on the streets of Las Pinas. Last year, we helped build a feeding center and pre school in Tondo. We also helped provide a new sound system and roof to the school in Las Pinas. In 2019, majority of Icon Manila's profit was donated to, an organization that rescues children, women and men from human trafficking and put them in homes that provides help and rehabilitation. 


Through your involvement in Icon Manila, you are partnering with us to continue to support different humanitarian missions and causes. 



This foundation helps provide livelihood, feeding and educational programs for the impoverished families in Iloilo, Philippines. 


This foundation helps provide livelihood, feeding and educational programs for the impoverished families in Tondo, Philippines. 


Provides free primary to secondary education and after school programs to the underprivileged children in Las Piñas, Philippines.


This organization fights against human trafficking all over the world. Human Trafficking is the abuse of children, women, and men for their bodies and labor. It's modern-day slavery. Their mission is to end modern-day slavery.

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